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Here are some of the things Ruby likes to do:

Go to the beach and get all sandy.

Play in the snow and get all snowy.
In fact, Ruby loves winter, new snow and a snow bath, which involves writhing and wriggling until all fresh and clean!

She can often be found lounging around in bed upside down. We prefer this after a snow bath.

Sometimes she likes to look really serious.

Sometimes she likes to stop and smell the flowers.

She likes to pillage and plunder from the next-door neighbors. They have 4 kids and a dog named Odie. Above, is some of the stuff she brought home one week. At right, another week's haul. Eventually I round it all up and return it, and then Ruby just goes back and gets some more. Let's face it: someone else's toys are always better than your own. As a retriever, she's just doing her job. The penguin is a keeper because the kids used to use it as an archery target. Ruby  l o v e s  the penguin and carries it with her everywhere.

Ruby also likes to pile in the car with her friends (Lucy and Gracie) and drive to Steep Rock
for some fresh air and important smells.

My husband has a cute picture of her as a puppy. And let's not forget about Ada.

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